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Status of SIRA Licence Application
– updated February 7, 2019

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Be Part of the Elite NSW Builders

Join the Expert Builders Program

  • Up to 40% discount on policies
  • 50% increase in open job value
  • No Open
  • Direct access to your own underwriter

Save Thousands

Cut your premium costs

Depending on your risk profile with us you could save up to 40% off your policy premiums. Please note this is only available to participants of the Expert Builders Program.

What builders say

Andrew Manson

Wollongong NSW

Glad to see a new provider in the market and so proud to be the first participant in the Program.

Guaranteed Preapproval

Guaranteed 50% increase in your open job value

Participants of the Expert Builders Program will receive pre-approval for an Open Job Value increase of 50% of your current limit (if you currently hold eligibility with icare and have done so for 3+ years without claims notification)

What builders say

Theo Pasialis

Sydney NSW

It’s not often that you can be part of such a great initiative for the building community and consumers of NSW.

We want you to succeed.

Build your business based on your capacity, not past record.

Why should your past history limit how many projects, or jobs, you can work on? Things change, opportunities come up. With HWAA, there are no Open Job limits. You’re free to chase the work and land as many projects as you need.

What builders say

Dean Turner

Newcastle – NSW

  The whole concept of saving time and increasing my limit with less red tape will definitely help.

Your own dedicated underwriter

With the power to say ‘yes’

All Expert Builders Program Participants have exclusive access to a Client Program Partner – an HWAA underwriter who has the delegated authority to make underwriting decisions fast and access to technology to issue Certificates faster.

What builders say


building solutions

Tim Wang

Sydney NSW

 Registering to become a participant for the HWAA Expert Builders Program was a no brainer. The participation fee was not a consideration. The benefits had me. Can’t wait to kick things off.